At Weefan Photography we realize that without happy clients we would never have been able to achieve what we have thus far. They come to us from diverse backgrounds and many different places, however, they all have one thing in common when it comes to photography. The ability to see the creativity and passion that goes into every photo we take. Please browse our galleries, feel free to leave comments and enjoy yourself.

We promise you won't want to get married without us !!!! 

Thanks, Wendy & Charlie 

Here are actual comments from some of our past clients... "Wendy and Charlie, Yet again we were so happy. This is the third time our family has used you guys and we are so happy each time. Thanks for helping us remember our day."

"Another amazing job, Virginia and Kevin"

"Wendy & Charlie, I just took a look at the photos and have to tell you that in all my life I know that there will be times when we all will be in the ever changing ever so fast moments of life and we will see the most glorious beautiful scene that you have ever witnessed.with the ever-present possibility that it might never return.Idont get bitter because i cant record it.I just sit down,drink it in,and enjoy it for what it is. WEEFAN PHOTOGRAPHY has taught me the real value of quality photography,they say that there are no rules for good photographs,there are only good photos. well with that said let me tell you what you do with a camera is the equivalent of a composer's score, and your photos are the performance of a lifetime. I believe that a photograph is usually looked at-seldom looked into,As i look into the most beautiful pictures your company has taken I can see clearly that you have put a small part of your heart and soul into each one.THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH with each snapshot you have stoped a moment from running away..MACK AND CHRISSIE" "Its almost been a year and the pictures still take my breath away!" "1 comment - Amazing Photos" "Wendy and Charlie, you are both amazing photographers. Everytime I look at your photos I get happy!" "Charlie and Wendy! It looks FABULOUS! you guys did such an amazing job! I can't wait to see more pictures!" "Just having fun!!!The photographers did such a great job making you feel comfortable - not so stiff and overposed - that some natural silliness comes out. It's all in good fun on such a happy day. Just being a giddy bride! I think ALL the photos are very professional, artistic, and unique. Thank you for all the fantastic photos, which are all done in great fun and good taste." "you guys are amazing! i am so happy that i will have the pleasure of you working with me to make a difference in peoples lives! absolutely stunning!" "Oh my god, they are beautiful, I can't wait, every morning when i get up, i pour my coffee and hurry to see whats new. You both are doing an awsome job. Thanks for the memory's, they will last a life time......." "Every single picture is soooo beautiful! I Love them! Every morning I come on here and it makes me smile more and more each day! Awesome!" "Charlie and Wendy awesome job, I am VERY pleased with our choice of photographers....And oh yeah I recommended a buddy to you...I hope he calls for his sake, ha ha!!" "Dear Charlie and Wendy, You cannot imagine how lucky we feel to have had you as the photographers for this moment. I feel you are both artist in your field and you are truly gifted." "I've sent the link out to the wedding guests...All the pictures you shared are GREAT. I want to make sure you understand...we really LOVE the photos you've shared. The formal group pictures are EXACTLY what I was looking for The black & white photos are wonderful!" Anne-Marie "The pics are beyond beautiful. U are both excellent photographers. And we enjoyed having you two at the wedding. Thanks so much" "I wanted to also say thank you and just tell you how absolutely stunned we are and how beautiful the photos came out. We are in total love with every shot. We knew the photos would come out great, as photographers in the business as well, you can imagine the standards that we hold and you guys blew them out of the water. What a phenomenal job, you are both truly artists and masters of your craft" "You guys did such a wonderful job and you were so much fun to work with. I would reccomend you to anyone! Thank you so much for capturing our perfect day in the perfect way!" "Thank you again for being so fun and easy to work with and coming out on such short notice, just generally being awesome, etc. I would gladly refer you guys to anyone, let me know how I can help." "I just wanted to thank you guys soo much for doing our wedding!! We LOVEEE the photos! We are so grateful that you could do our wedding on such short notice, even more so we are soo happy to have met two of the nicest people ever. Your work is great and we were happy to have you at our wedding!!" "I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful you both are!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful!! Your professionalism and genuine concern in getting all the necesssary moments that fly by so quickly, will always be remembered and so appreciated! Thank you both so much from the bottom of my heart.. <3"